The Claw: News from Ed’s Lobster Bar

Dear Lobster Lovers,

It’s March. Lots of important occasions to celebrate this month, beginning with the Ides of March on the 15th.¬† ¬†Once again this year, if you come in dressed as Julius Caesar you will receive a free Ed’s Caesar salad. March is also National Peanut Butter Month, and in honor of the peanut industry we will continue to use peanut oil to fry our french fries. Another favorite occasion is St. Patty’s day, for which we will sprinkle green chives on each of our lobster rolls.

Warm weather is approaching, and it’s time for me to start thinking about my garden. I’ve begun reviewing seed selections and possible new varieties of tomatoes — if you have a suggestion do let me know. Every year I expand my garden. Last year I planted thirty-two tomato plants and this year I plan to do forty, mostly just to compete with John who boasted thirty-three plants last year. But all joking aside, I’m excited about getting started with my garden. In other home news, my pups have grown big and Molly (the lab) is younger, but already bigger than Jameson (pit bull).

In restaurant news, we’ve been loving our razor clams specials, we’ve introduced whelks to the raw bar, and we’ve changed our daily specials slightly: on Saturdays we’re doing Lobster Cannelloni and on Sundays a classic Lobster Thermador. We’ve also bid a farewell to two of our long-time waitstaff, Louis and Nicole, who headed out west to pan for some Hollywood gold. We miss them and wish them the best! For those of you who have not heard the rumors, John and I will be expanding our presence in the World Financial Center in the next month and opening up Caravelli’s Pizzaria where we’ll be offering thin-crust pizza as well as my own Sicilian specialties. We’ll also be re-opening the Ed’s Lobster Bar kiosk at the WFC plaza in early April. We look forward to seeing lots of familiar faces down there soon. Until next month, find us, and friend us, and tweet us!

Lobstah love,

Ed McFarland


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