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A Look at the Delicious Brisket Burger at Ed’s Lobster Bar

A Look at the Delicious Brisket Burger at Ed’s Lobster

You already know that  Ed's Lobster Bar is famous for its delectable lobster rolls, full of fresh, creamy, plentiful lobster meat atop a perfectly toasted roll. Known for other delicious seafood dishes, like lobster meatballs, lobster ramen, and lobster grilled cheese, Ed’s Lobster Bar has earned a reputation for serving the best lobster dishes in New York City.

But in addition to these popular seafood dishes, Ed's Lobster Bar also offers a variety of non-seafood options, most notably Ed's famous brisket burger. Let’s take a deep dive into what has been said by customers to be one of NYC's best burgers.

An Inside Look at the Ingredients

First things first: you need top-quality ingredients for Ed’s brisket burger. This burger is made with a brisket blend burger, Old Bay-seasoned onion rings, housemade tartar sauce, and Ed’s famous red wine vinegar pickles, all atop a Chinese pork bun to complement these different flavors perfectly. Served with housemade coleslaw and crispy golden French fries, the brisket burger is cooked to juicy perfection.

But what’s the secret behind those beautifully crisp onion rings? And how do you keep the burger from drying out? Let’s go behind the scenes into making Ed’s famous brisket burger.

Old Bay, New Recipe: How to Make The Crispy Onion Rings

One of the most striking elements of the brisket burger is the perfectly crisp onion rings spilling out from under the Chinese pork bun. Just how exactly does Ed’s Lobster Bar achieve such a beautifully fried onion ring?

First, use a mandolin or a sharp knife to slice the white onion into thin slices. The consistency of the onion slices is key here: you don’t want onion rings that are too thick. Then separate the onion slices and coat them in a mixing bowl already containing 1 cup of flour and 2 tablespoons of Old Bay seasoning.

Once fully mixed, next move to the stovetop. On a stovetop fryer heated up to about 300-350 degrees, fry the onion rings in a few batches. Since they’re thin, they become crisp quickly so be vigilant about taking them out once they reach the desired crispness. Drain the fried onion rings on a sheet pan to cool and they’re good to go. Next up, the star of the show: the brisket burger.

The Best Burger in New York City

Salt is key when making Ed’s brisket burger. You might think we need salt to season the meat, and that’s true, but there’s more to it than that. You’ll need some kosher salt sprinkled in the hot pan. Not oil, but salt! The salt will absorb the fat that leaks out of the burger as it cooks, allowing the burger to get crisp and delicious.

Once the burger is cooking in the hot pan, flatten it with a spatula or meat press to get a gorgeous sear and cover for a bit. Adjust the heat and cooking time so the burger can reach your desired level of doneness. Once you’ve flipped the burger, add cheese and cover again to melt the cheese to a perfect gooey consistency.

Don’t forget to toast the Chinese pork bun while you’re waiting. Just add the burger, the housemade tartar sauce from Ed’s Lobster Bar, his famous red wine vinegar pickles, and the crisp onion rings. You might need a napkin or two as you chow down on that juicy burger, bursting with delicious flavors!

While you’re here, don’t forget to try out the raw bar, the linguine and clams, the beer-battered fish and chips, and of course, Ed’s signature lobster roll. Once you try the food at Ed’s Lobster Bar, you’ll understand why it’s home to not only the best lobster roll but the best burger in New York City. There’s something for everyone on the menu at Ed’s Lobster Bar. Join us in person or place an order for delivery or takeout today!

For another behind-the-scenes look at the making of Ed’s brisket burger, check out  this video!