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The Best Summertime Meal to Take to the Beach: The Lobster Rolls from Ed’s Lobster Bar

Summer is nearly here, which in New York City usually means sweltering temperatures, an unrelenting sun, and humidity so thick you can slice it with a knife. What better way to escape the heat than to head to the beach? Whether you’re going to the Hamptons or to the Jersey Shore, the beach is the perfect summertime getaway. Nothing beats the sun, the sand, and some good eats in your hand. Sure, ice cream is a summertime staple and everyone enjoys a nice burger on the beach every now and then. But the absolute best summertime treat is surprising, refreshing, and utterly unforgettable: lobster rolls, specifically the famous lobster rolls from Ed’s Lobster Bar in SoHo.

What Makes These Lobster Rolls the Best in New York City?

Ed’s Lobster Bar is famous for having the best lobster in New York City. The restaurant’s signature dish is definitely the lobster roll, perfect for wrapping up and taking to the beach for the weekend. Held together with some mayonnaise, sprinkled with salt and pepper, and mixed with minced celery and a splash of zingy lemon juice, the lobster roll is meaty, creamy, and freshly cooked. A split-top New England-style bun is soaked in butter and toasted to golden perfection. 

Ed’s Lobster Bar uses only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Unlike other restaurants, Ed’s Lobster Bar doesn’t skimp on the meat! Expect your lobster roll to be overflowing with tasty tails, claws, and knuckle meat and served with delicious French fries, as well as Ed’s homemade pickles. There’s a reason why Ed’s Lobster Bar won an episode of Food Feuds and was declared to be home of the best lobster rolls in New York City!

If you’re looking to pack up one of these delicious lobster rolls yourself before you head to the beach for the weekend, stop by Ed’s Lobster Bar at 155 Grand Street in SoHo. If you’re ready to hit the road fast, you can also place an order for takeout or delivery. 

Check out these Other Sweet Treats to Complement the Lobster Rolls

While you’re in full summertime relaxation mode cozying up on the beach with your delicious lobster roll, why not add another yummy treat from Ed’s Lobster Bar to complement your meal? Ed’s Lobster Bar has a variety of amazing drinks and cocktails to choose from. 

With all those refreshing drinks on the menu, make sure you don’t forget about dessert! Doesn’t a strawberry shortcake, blueberry creme brulee, tiramisu, or lemon tart sound good right about now? But the absolute best dessert to bring to the beach after enjoying your lobster roll has got to be Ed’s Lobster Bar’s delectable homemade apple pie a la mode! You can already just taste the cold vanilla ice cream paired with the tangy crisp apples. Absolute summertime perfection!

This summer, complete your dream beach trip with the most amazing lobster roll in New York City. Whether you place an order for takeout or delivery or pack up the lobster roll yourself, Ed’s Lobster Bar is sure to give your summertime getaway the perfect flavor it needs to be truly unforgettable!